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arli office accessories project - a slight variation from equipment project

Submitted: 12/12/2015


I was attempting to reuse a project from the arli-equipment and save it as a new project for extracting the category products, "office accessories".  But having trouble extracting more than the first product.  Please read below my description and where I'm stuck.

VWR is quitting prematurely and not recursing back to previous page.

Explanation: VWR is set to first navigate to a product listing which are all tagged as links to their respective product pages. there is also a navigation next page link to traverse through the pages of products. But on the first product link, VWR will go to the product detail page, which has a tab that opens up more details about the product including bullet points. Before I extract any content, I first created a basic link on the tab so it will open and show all data including bulleted specs. At this point there is the content template that has a list of defined elements which are set to extract all respective data elements from the product page, including the details specs below.

VWR grabs all of the content including bullet points but only on one product. It does not go back and select the subsequent products from the product link list from which it came.

This issue may again, go back to m y questions to you about setting navigation back conditions. I checked navigation back settings for each template and it looks like I enabled navigation back from the final detail page template, back to the links product list page, and for the navigation next page branch I also set this template to recurse back although I don't know why since navigation page traverses in one direction only.

But VWR quits after the first product page extraction, and the error is indicated below under DEBUG mode:

Processing Link template New Template (1 of 10). Text: LUC1255. URL:

11:49 Processing Link template addl info (1 of 1). Text: Additional Information. URL: Information

11:49 No content found for B9

11:49 No content found for B10

11:49 Processing single link PageNavigation template nextpg

11:49 Starting export...

11:49 Generating export data...

11:49 Data extraction completed

... So it seems that VWR is only processing a single product off of the first link in the product link page navigation template, which means perhaps that the page that lists the links of products, is not set to allow VWR to advance to the next product on the list. But I don't understand why it will not because I made sure the navigation back option is enabled for this template.

Ii guess I'm trying to understand whether the navigation back feature should be set for a template that precedes the link template?


Replied: 12/14/2015 6:22:22 AM

Please check the attached new project.

The 'New template' link template does execute 'Javascript + Async.' action, it assumes that it won't navigate back auotmatically, in case you might have to create a 'back' template navigating back to next product in current page.