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Property Record Extraction

Submitted: 4/15/2013

I need to login to FMLS which is my GA Real estate lisings portal.  I figured out how to login with the scraper automatically.  My username is leenicho and my pw is crem2010. After Login I need to navigate to the tab that says "fusion" then I need to navigate to the tab on the fusion page that says public records. When you hover on public records a link to "realist tax search" pops up. I need to navigate heare to begin inputting addresses and capturing data. This is where my issues started. I think the hover and click link style is using javascript and therefore it isn't as straight forward as I need it to be since I am a novice.

Its pretty straighforward from here:

There is an address field on the Realist page. I need to insert addresses one at a time from a spreadsheet/csv into the address search field.

For each address I want to capture all of the fields that are visible in the property detail report that appears when you have entered an address and submitted the form. Capturing the picture would be great as well.

I will want to be able to run this project from the address column in a spreadsheet - capturing all of the tax record data for each address. the data can be exported into excel or CSV so that I can have it uptade my access (64bit version) database.


Thanks!! - I am doing a free trial right now. If you can do this I WILL buy the software. This is the first of many many projects I have in mind. Capturing web data in this manner is perfect for the business we are in.


Replied: 4/15/2013 9:43:38 PM
I'm stuck on "", i.e, after logged in, then navigate to the tab 'fusion', it redirects me to this url

the web page is a flash , and the 'public records' > 'realist tax search' is a link in the flash, it 's not possible to simulate the action in VWR project, and where shall I place the input addresses on the flash? I'm guessing the inputs are also in the flash movie, if so, VWR isn't able to auto-place the input values in there.

anyway, VWR is not able to capture any data in flash moive rather than downloading whole flash file.

See the attached demo project as unfinished.