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Submitted: 3/5/2014

This page is showng  list of apps in order of ranking -  #1 is top left then #2-4 are on the same horizontal line..#5 is first on left on next line.

I would like to capture the first 1,000 apps on this page.  Data is all on this page no need to go to next leve down.

Then name of each app contains a link to the single app description.


Data to extract :

Category  -  in this case Brain & Puzzle which is in the dropdown box above the list of apps

# on List  (not sure how to create and increment a number that is not o page)

Game Name -  just below thumbnail picture of app

Game Link    - link that the name points to

Developer - just under game name

Developer Link - link that the developer name points to



Replied: 3/5/2014 5:10:04 PM
Please check the attached demo project and sample data (the sample data is in Excel xls format).

You need to put the project file in the default projects folder, then running the project.

I've set 'Repeated ajax calls max. count' = 20 for 'scroll to next page' link template , and the 'show-more-button' page navigation template has Page count = 20 also, the two templates will itearte through all apps and guarantee that the count of apps is less than 60 x 20 = 1200 (60 apps per page).


Content loading on scroll