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Blank space not filtered

Submitted: 6/18/2017
Dear support, I'm working on a couple of test projects. (by the way, it's very hard to test it with 100 data limit).
Please check my attachments

- One field in my "graspgold" project ("paying_status" under "programs" template), show in exported data some blank spaces that should be filtered. In content transformation window there's no such space. Can you tell me why?

- On "4hyips" project:
1) why I have a blank line at the top of output data table?
2) on "paying status" under "programs" template, I was able to save the name of the image. But I need to apply a conditional replace, for example: if is "stat1.png" store "paying", if is "stat2.png" store "waiting and so on. How this can be achieved?

Thank you

Replied: 6/20/2017 4:23:42 PM


graspgold - I ran your agent and I did not see that thing, see attached screenshot.

4hyips - I modify the agent. See attached.

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