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Submitted: 4/18/2012

Hello, I am getting difficulty extracting data from this site.

I can pull the product info easily enough but I cant figure out how to extract the larger image urls.

For example this product:

To download the large photo it's launching a javascript to open a popup.

onclick="showImgWin('/images/photo/ex/2012/4/AGMS13244GDMLT.JPG')" class="aHref" title="VIEW & DOWNLOAD LARGE PHOTO">DOWNLOAD LARGE PHOTO</a>&nbsp;</li>

I don't need VWR to download the image itself just give me the url of the extra large image.

Is this possible?

Kindest regards


Replied: 4/18/2012 10:51:25 AM
You can use "Content Transformation" to transform the javascript link.  Please check the attached project file for sample.