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Selecting autocomplete value for the input

Submitted: 1/5/2016
Hi Team,

I am working on few websites where the input data is to be selected from the autocomplete value only. Could you please help me how to handle this situation.

I need to select data from the csv file and the value should be selected from autocomplete  suggested value.

Thanks in advance.
Indian Resortlist CSV- Copy.csv

Replied: 1/6/2016 6:56:01 AM

After investigated for long time, I'm thinking there is impossible to simulate same action to make the suggested links works, although, the suggested links can be poped up then selected properly, but the search button doesn't work anymore.

Please you check the attached new project that I've changed, maybe it works for you?

If the simulation of auto-complete couldn't be realized, you might try another way:

You can try to manually populate the search url with specific locations by above example url.