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Repeat Parent template keeps looping

Submitted: 5/20/2016

I may be using the wrong approach to this:
I have a Link template that clicks on 'Available Units' on the webpage, which opens up a table where I'd like to pull apartment model data from.

In order for VWR to see the @style attribute of that table that pops up on the right, I have the Availabilties and Availabilities_Close templates open and close one of the 'Available Units' links on the website.

It captures the first set of data fine, but does not work for the second link.

I added a Repeart Parent to see if that helps. It does eventually repeat and click on the second URL, but the scrape file seems to be in a infinite loop.

Is there a better approach to click on the 2 'Available Units' URLs and capture data from the table it generates?

Rip file is attached for reference. Thanks!

Replied: 5/22/2016 2:03:32 PM

RepeatParent template doesn't apply for your case, actually, you can setup a 'back' template to close the right result panel then navigating back to second link, see the attached new project.


Replied: 5/20/2016 11:27:58 PM
Please note that the project must work in Agent v1.