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Scrape is not running through Task Scheduler

Submitted: 1/21/2016


We have created a scrape which is running fine in VWR.

But when we try to run through Task scheduler its generating output file with 0 kb size.

When run from VWR itself its able to pull the required data from website.

We have set proper user credentials. We also go to task scheduler and right click on the task and wait till the status changed to completed.

We have also scheduled some other files in task scheduler. They are running fine from task scheduler.

Please find attached scrape file.

Please let us kow if you need further details.



Replied: 1/22/2016 1:43:11 AM

The project even couldn't run well on debugging window in VWR editor, I've tried to make some change for some template which should use 'Javascript + AJAX' action instead of 'Javascript + Sync.' action, when reaching the 'Update' template, it keep no working , see below logs:

08:37 Processing Link template Pune (1 of 1). Text: <input name="selected-city" class="modal-selected-city" type="checkbox" value="Pune">. URL: javascript:
08:37 Processing form template Update.
08:37 Processing submit form template Update. HTML: <button class="btn btn-primary btn-cta" id="update-city-filters" type="button" data-linktype="Careers Job Search" data-dismiss="modal">Update</button>
08:37 Navigation error (Click). Timeout waiting for browser to navigate. Action: 
08:37 Error submitting form: Update
08:37 Updating error reporting...
08:37 Starting export...
08:37 Generating export data...

I haven't seen exactly what element you selected with 'Update' form submit template, it's hard to do fix further. I attach the project that I attempted to fix the AJAX actions according above.

B.t.w, I've set default export folder instead of original manual settings.