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GoogleMap crawling issue

Submitted: 12/21/2015
Hi team, 

Whenever I want to extract data from Google Map, Visual Web Ripper seems does not allow me to do so. 

Suppose that it will show me the page area so that I can select I want to crawl (as shown in img1.png). However, when I want to crawl Google Maps, the page area does not shows up (as shown in img2.png).

Replied: 12/24/2015 3:17:06 AM

I don't seem to be able to repeat your problem , but the 'Detail' form submit template doesn't work for me, I changed to 'link' type and unchecked 'inject standard javascript overrides..' option in Project > Project options > Javascript tab, then everything seems to work fine at run-time, I haven't seen any warnings / errors so far.

Please chech the attached new project.


Replied: 12/23/2015 4:22:47 AM
Hi Support,

I tried to add a Back template to navigate back to the listing page but it failed to continue to the next page area.
Please kindly help.

Here is the log:

GoogleMap_Project (1)_info_15_12_23.log
GoogleMap_Project (1).rip

Replied: 12/22/2015 10:32:29 AM

It works. Thank you. May I know what have you did exactly to make it happen? I need it so that I can do the same thing for my other project.

Thank you
Replied: 12/22/2015 6:19:32 AM

Please check the attached new project.

I've revised xpath for page area template & page navigation template, hope that 's what you want.

Replied: 12/23/2015 1:42:07 AM

I only manually revised xpath by tree view tool, that could be more better if you can't select elements automatically.


Replied: 12/22/2015 3:56:36 AM

I noticed that you have used Element to capture the content. What I want is, to use PageArea to capture the content. But when I want to use PageArea to capture the content, VWR does not allow me to do so. 

Thank you
Replied: 12/22/2015 3:23:30 AM

The company list show me properly at right hand side on page, see the attached screenshot.

I'm guessing that it could be a local network issue at your side, or you should disable antivirus software which might affect VWR.