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Submitted: 6/7/2012

1. Enter manualy a city in the box, then i obtain the url of the list of all hotels for this city.

Select the link to the hotels.

For example in Paris is

2. Here the script has to begin

"Click" on each name of the hotel of the list (including all means 1839 because of 1839 hotels)

On each hotel page :

Extract the name of the hotel

Extract the email of the attention that its behind a link

Extract the website of the attention that its behind a link

Extract the phone number of the hotel

Pay attention that page to page, the column of phone, website and emails change...please include in the script the way to identify if its the phone, email and the case of we can do that after in the database but better not.

Thats all...for the 1839 hotels of Paris

Of course if i change the url of Paris by the url of Roma, i can collect all the hotels with the same script.

Let me know.

Thank you

Replied: 6/9/2012 5:35:15 AM
Please check the attached project and sample data in XML format (it can be opened in Excel).

Replied: 6/15/2012 3:01:27 AM

Thank you very much.

But its not working in all case (each line except when the data is not there)...i will try to find a solution.

Best regards

Replied: 6/18/2012 12:13:11 AM
This project is a demo project for free, we won't guarantee that the project can work on all cases, 
please telling us which case is not working , if it's easier , we're pleasure to revise this project further, 
but if it might be hard time to revise in all cases, you can request a quote following the below link: