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Google Maps Scraping

Submitted: 9/23/2018
Hello Support,

I am trying to test google maps using visual web ripper but it seems like we can not scrape google maps. I have tried to click on one of the business listing so i can see go inside 1step deep and get the details but doesn't seems to be working.

Do you guys offer google maps scraping with visual web ripper. I mean does it support it at all? coz i am not seeing any click events here.

here is my search url for results bu its letting me to click on each listing and go inside to scrape the (business name, phone, wesbite, business hours.,+UK/

Attached my project here, please assist, thanks!

Replied: 9/24/2018 7:41:44 AM

Hi Rob,

Please check the attached agent.

Best regards,