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Layout issue & documents downloading

Submitted: 12/26/2015

Link :

- When we create list, the layout of that file is change defined in Screensort_5.

- Can't download documents when we create template with link option though we select javascript option from Action tab defined in Screensort_6. We have also created template with form submit and select option javascript from action though it's not downloading documents defined in Screensort_12.



Replied: 12/28/2015 6:25:49 AM

Please check the attached new project.

1) I've manually revised the xpath for 'TenderListArea' page area template , you can find the trick via tree view tool.

 //TABLE[@class='list nospace']/TBODY[1]/TR[count(TD)=5]

Rarely. the layout could be changed with you make selection on page, usually, VWR will set hightlight red border surround elements what you selected, but it could affect the original layout as current CSS defined, think it's not a matter.

2) When clicking on 'Download now' link in detail page, it directs me to signin page, that could be the reason why file can't be downloaded. e.g,

Replied: 12/29/2015 2:02:58 AM

Sorry, I was missing other templates that you made for downloading file, 

However, the 'Search' form submit  template doesn't seem to work, I found that input scripts for 'From', 'To' form field got problem , the input dates must be between 12/21~12/22/2015 , then it will work to fetch a list of result, so I've changed the input scripts .

In regards to downloading file, I'm thinking that 'Documents_2' element has a problem in the content transformation scripts, you can't set it as FULL path then further use it for file name of downloading , instead, you only use 'Tid' element assigning as file name is good. even when running the project, 'Documents_2' element still can't be found.

See the attached new project, 'Tid' has been assigned into file nam transformation scripts in  'Zip_download' form submit template, it works fine for me at run-time.

Replied: 12/28/2015 11:42:14 AM

Thanks for reply.

In download document, when you click on "Download Now" link in detail page, it redirect to signin page. But, In signin page there is one button "Download for Information Only", it redirects to another page for download documents. when we click on "Download Documents" button, the document is not downloading.

Can you please resolve that, why it's not downloading documents.