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error exporting data after export last segment option is enable

Submitted: 4/14/2017

hello ,

I am facing porblem in terms of export last segment option as after running the file i want only export last segment data only.but when i enable the that option its give me error (untitled4).I want this option must be worked.

I do following steps for data extraction :-

1)first i run the full file in replace mode and then after completing i delete the data from the sql database but data are there in the internal database of ripper.

2)secondly i select the add to existing option and then run the file and after that  i delete the data from the sql database.

3)Now i enable export last segment option in the ripper and the file but when i stop the file it give me error -"Error in exporting data" .(untitle4)

before two years when i was using this software by this above steps export last segment option was working perfectly.

I want in any case the option export last segment should work and also i dont want to delete the entier table from the database.

Thank you

Replied: 4/17/2017 1:20:23 PM


I need your input CSV file.