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Submitted: 7/18/2012

I need to extract the spots allready marked on ths site. I am sending screenshto for better understanding.


But i wll explain here as well.

You can basically choose any continent, then any country, then any location in this country ( each has spots about surfing ) . Each spot has a different web page with a lot of info about it. So basically i need to gather ( for example ) all spots fro Hawaii with all info each spot has on it`s own page.



North Ameica - 1

USA - 2

USA Hawaii Zones - 3

USA Hawaii Oahu zone - 4

Spot - 5

Best regards,


USA Hawaii Zones.jpg
North America.jpg
USA Hawaii Oahu zone .jpg

Replied: 7/19/2012 1:50:42 AM
Please check the attached demo project and sample data in Excel XML format.

B.t.w, I didn't add full details for spot. but it should give you a good starting to learn / check on this demo project.

Replied: 7/19/2012 4:13:35 AM
It's possible, In that case, the 'New template 1' template to select zones should be optional, you can find the option in Misc tab.

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Replied: 7/19/2012 3:11:39 AM
Ok this is amazing thank you. I just want to ask you one more thing. Will it be possible to create a project for the whole site. I mean each country has different levels ( for example North America > USA > HAWAI > 4 Hawaii zones + 1 spot > spots , and on other place there will be just               Andora> Andora zones > Spots ) . I don`t want you to make it i just want to know if it possible to be made or i will have to do it manually for each country ? 
Also if i order your service by the end of the month do i get any support? Do i get your future updates? For what time ? and does it cost 300 for lifetime or it is for some period ? 

Best regards