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Submitted: 11/6/2013


I always wanted to be able to extract all images and files inserted or attached in a FORUM section that I am a member of. Till now I had to rely on Forum Downloader 2.04, but that free project is no longer supported and it has a lot of bugs. But now I found Visual Web Ripper that looks to be the most powerful data mining software there is. I could have said 'the most easy to use' but here I am, not knowing how to extract all images, archives, or other files attached or linked in the target topic mentioned above.

Looking forward to see how it's done.

All the best


Replied: 11/6/2013 7:12:21 PM
We developed the demo project file based on your information that extracting Author, message, Images and download files.
Please check the attached demo project and result files.