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Submitted: 1/27/2016


I have two problems here:

1) When I go in to the UG list link, and I press back, it wouldn't go back and stay at the course page like (associate degree in urban horticulture). 

2) I wanted switch from domestic to international details, but I can't create a template that help me to do so.

Replied: 1/27/2016 6:10:42 AM

You did wrong "Javascript + Sync.' action for 'UG' link template, actually, 'UG' link template can be opened in a new tab (i.e, mark check 'start new web browser') , but also you should set an empty link transformation for avoiding to execute javascript.

For point 2), you should set a form field associated with the drop down and setting AJAX action for the form field in 'Action' tab (at righ hand side when you edit the form field), then setting a form submit template with 'auto-submit' action.

B.t.w, I've revised xpath for 'INT' page area template.