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Exit Code

Submitted: 7/18/2017


I use batch to run my visualwebripper project. I received the Exit codes like the follow.

my batch Log:

2017/07/16 09:33:18  ERROR:Exit Codes:255

2017/07/16 09:33:21  ERROR:Exit Codes:-559038737

visualwebripper Log:

17-07-16 09:32:03 ============call Initialize Script==============
17-07-16 09:32:03 db_server=[XXX]
17-07-16 09:32:06 db_name=[XXX]
17-07-16 09:32:06 db_user=[XXX]
17-07-16 09:32:06 db_password=[XXX]
17-07-16 09:32:06 set proxy []

And my visualwebripper log is not output any more at "09:32:06", but my batch received the exit code at "09:33:18". 

Could you tell me the reason?


I received the follow error in my visualwebripper log.

17-07-16 09:30:40 Deleting old data...
17-07-16 09:31:11 Extracting data with web browser agent v2.
17-07-16 09:33:08  'System.OutOfMemoryException' Exception throw.
17-07-16 09:33:24 Starting export...
17-07-16 09:33:24 Generating export data...

I want to know the OutOfMemory`s reason and when it happen in fact. For example, during deleting data? get data? and so on

Replied: 8/3/2017 1:34:13 PM


I send your request to the Software development team about your case 1 but until now I haven't received and attention as they are busy on a lot of projects and improvements. 

Case 2: Try to increase the Maximum Memory Usage in the Advanced Options. By default, it has 1024MB but when your scrape needed much more memory, such as the website is heavily "javascripted" or other reason, that error comes out. 

Best regards,