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CQU - Project can't execute

Submitted: 1/19/2016


I have set all the field I wish to collect in the projects. But, when I run the project, link cant be found. In addition, when I press back, it does not go back to the previous page too. Could you please help me with this? Thanks

The beginning link is

Replied: 1/20/2016 6:31:49 AM

'List' link template can be opened in a new tab rather than AJAX action, I've mark check 'Start new web browser' and setting an empty link transformation scripts for 'List' link template for avoiding to execute javascript. Moreover, start page take a little of delay for loading the list of links, so you will need to setup 'Delay after completed action' in Project > Project options > Advanced tab > Action section. 

B.t.w, I've re-enabled 'Navigate back' option for 'List' link template, in general, you don't have to uncheck this option, if you do it, then it won't be able to resume on next links.

Now, new project runs well, each link page can be opened in new tab properly, then data can be extracted also.