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Download files from incremental URL's

Submitted: 3/4/2013


Looking to find a good automation software that can download a series of documents from URL's. One of the URL's which we would like to download fles from is were "?" starts at a value of 1 and incrementally gets larger. Example | | | and so on. Eace of these URL's has a link to download the file on their respective pages. We want to dowload the fles from the pages.

To make things a little more complicated ocassionaly the link does not download the file but instead preforms a URL redirect such as the download link on In this instance we want to ignore the redirect and just go the next URL "book/5".

This is one of the more difficult projects that I have tried to automate with other software. If this can be done I will be very impessed and will be purchasing the software very shortly.

With Sincere Appreciation,


Replied: 3/4/2013 2:18:48 AM
Please check the attached demo project.

The extracted file is placed in default 'Files' folder (e.g, C:\Users\Simon\Documents\Visual Web Ripper\Output\Booksc\Files)

The project feed in start urls built in script, you can increase more according to your needs.


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