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Problem in link template

Submitted: 4/11/2017

hello dear,

here i attach my project in which i facing issue in go to next link.

Means, i set complete pagearea but it only take one tender, not going to next tender.

here i also attach my log file so u can dignose clear.

You need to enter one captcha answer for go to pagearea. It contain one question and digit number in image.

1) first write the text into google translate and then answer it into particular box.(refer screenshot TR_Que.jpg)

2) second write digit number after your answer without leaving space.(refer screenshot TR_Answer.jpg)

And then after you go to "Scrol" named template which load total tenders in one page.

And thenafter 'Area' named pagearea not working properly. means problem is that, its didnt take second tender.

I hope you understand the process and also understand my problem.

please suggets me.



Replied: 4/13/2017 1:03:02 PM


You have to apply the back template into the proper location, in this case, after the TenderLink template and you have to apply the scroll template again because as it navigates back, it gives you the default number of results only, not all and will give an error if it detects less number of page area. The main idea is that before the "TenderLink" template clicks second or another item, the page must be in the same situation as before when you click the first. It doesn't matter if you click a link to get back to the result situation or repeat the action entirely from the start as long as you create the "situation" when it clicks the first.

Although it is possible to scrape the website, it could be time-consuming to get the actions of VWR "in tune" with website's behavior and will not be part of our free support. However, we can guide you to the process.

Best regards,


Ekap_kik_gov_Tr_TenderListing (1).rip