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"Your browser needs a security update" even we are running IE11

Submitted: 3/3/2016

Hi Suport,

We have a situation that the website says "Your browser needs a security update."  even though we already running IE11. It seems they detected it as older version. 


Brian Javier

Replied: 3/6/2016 7:29:40 AM

Some websites may attempt to read the user agent string from HTTP headers, then think what data will be returned properly .

Since I wasn't unable to repeat your issue as you reported "Your browser needs a security update.", I just guessed you might custom the user agent string as Chrome browser , see if the website may return proper contents ?

If you set the Web browser emulation to IE 11 on current PC, all of rip projects will use IE 11 emulation.

Replied: 3/4/2016 5:17:18 AM

I can't open the agent, it require higher version. We are using v3.0.4. This means that it is possible to use Chrome or Mozilla as a browser while scraping?

Also, we have a lot of agent set to run in IE 9 as a default browser from prevous server. When we update our sever, we are now using IE 11. I want to  set the Web browser emulation to IE 11. Does this affect some of my agent set to run in IE 9?

Replied: 3/3/2016 6:39:54 AM

I'm unable to repeat your issue, maybe you try to set custom user agent as Chrome browser in Project > Project options > Advanced tab > Browser section.