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I got extracted data in csv with Column Names repeated for each property

Submitted: 7/24/2016

I feed project with URLs from CSV input data source. I got data extracted correctly. 

The problem is that my Captured elements Names are repeating, for each URL.
Please check my output data csv (in attachment).
I want Elements Names to be just in the first row.

What should I do?


Replied: 7/25/2016 4:07:42 AM

Which element names have duplicated values? I'm guessing that you want to save extracted data in one main table, right? 

if so, I don't understand why you created two parallel templates ('filterRating', 'Website Link', even I can't find what content to be selected for 'filterRating' form submit template), it 's certainally not able to combine those fields in one main table, unless you simply create templates as parent-child relations, then it will be combined in one main table automatically.

Another hand, you might try to setup 'Save data method' = 'AddRowsInParentTable' iterating through all templates, but it's only applied to templates with parent-child relations as metioned above.