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Yellow Pages Belgium

Submitted: 2/21/2017

Dear sir/madam,

The page navigation is not working in one of my project. What is wrong here?

In the attachment you will find my project.

Thanks in advance

Best regards,


Replied: 2/24/2017 4:29:07 AM


You can't do a normal pageNavigation here. You have to ensure that all results are loaded before you can scrape the list.

See attached agent,

Best regards,

Replied: 3/6/2017 4:13:30 AM


It seems the agent reach a maximum usage of memory. VWR is an x86 base software and can only use upto 4GB of memory. Even I set it to 4GB for maximum memory, the page freeze when it about to load 24 load results if view browser is enable and about 40 only when disabled.

Try to narrow your search by using an alphabeth selection on the page. See screenshot attached.

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Replied: 3/1/2017 7:39:42 PM


Thanks for your reply.

It is still nog working I gues.. It is loading pages, but it is loading pages four hours! Is that normal?

If there are like 20 companies on 1 page, then the program should load like 30 pages for a total of 600 results right? After all results are loaded it can scrape the list. My project is now at loading page 84 (for only 600 companies) .. and it goes on and on.

It seems it will never stop with loading pages..?

Can you help me again?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards.

Replied: 3/3/2017 7:07:56 AM


We should add to formsubmit a 10 seconds delay. The page needs to be loaded fully before the agent executes the link action to load more results.

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Replied: 3/5/2017 8:11:01 PM

Hi Brian,

It is still not working. Even with a 10 seconds delay..

It is loading pages for 4 hours now.. and the loading proces is still not done.

What is wrong here..?

Hope that you are able to help me.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,