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Submit empty field but placeholder value gets used instead

Submitted: 5/21/2016
Hello. I am currently evaluation a trial version and really like what i see so far. I am testing with a project but seem to be having trouble with a very simple issue. I start here  and then i create a FormSubmit template for the 'Job Search' button. I then create two content FormField elements, one for the search query text input and one for the location text input. However, i am having trouble getting the form to submit with empty fields. It seems that it will use the input's placeholders if i use an empty string. I have attached a document with screenshots. Currently it is submitting the form with the url

but i would like it to submit the form with empty search query and location fields like so:

If i was a normal web user and went to initial webpage, and clicked the Job Search button without entering any text into the inputs, it would use the second Url above i.e. empty seach query parameters.

I have attached my ripper project as well. Look forward to hearing back from you soon!


Replied: 5/22/2016 2:22:38 PM

Please check the attached new project.

You may consider to setup 'direct url' option for form submit template, in case the parameter name should be matching the form field name, then you can assign an empty value for the form field (but you have to set 'Optional' = true in advanced options for that form field), later, you still can change to non-empty value for that form field.