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Resume project upon crash

Submitted: 5/31/2017


I just bought the software. I ran the software overnight and the next morning it was not running any more. It might have been a Windows Update that I forgot to disable or some type of crash.

I opened the project back up and hit resume. It started back up from what it looks like where it left off.

My question is, did the data that it extracted over night until now get saved or did it get erased and when I pressed resume it started from where it left off and the data from last night was erased?

While the project is running does it continuously save the data in case of a crash? I have very long projects to run.

Thank you,


Replied: 6/5/2017 5:55:49 PM

Hi Alex,

Yes, as long as you can resume, your agent is good. While scraping, the data is saved in Internal Database, so even the agent was stopped or something happens like the windows update, the data is still there. After the agent finished scraping the data, it will export the data to External Database then in the export that you want, like Excel, CSV, etc.