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Car Details and VIN Extraction for specifc applications

Submitted: 9/7/2012


I tried extracting the following informtion from this Site for Specfic cars and I was not successful in extracting the info the way I want.

Would apprecate if you coud do a demo project for the same.

First I createda templte for form submission by selecting a specific car model say Toyota in my case and the model Hilux Surf which had about 40 cars in th database.

Then I created the pagearea that had the links and created list of links byselecting the dealer or private tabs

Then I extracted the following contents from te car detail page:




Drive Type:



The problem faced by me was it was extracting the infrmation but not for the inteded cars, I am not sure were I am making a mistake.

Would appreciate a demo project








webripper extract sample.JPG

Replied: 9/9/2012 8:32:52 PM
You need to setup specific action for 'make' form field since it used javascript + ajax to change 'modal' once you change the option (e.g, Toyota).
The config can be found when you edit 'make' form field , then go to right side 'action' tab, you will see what i changed.

See the attached new project and sample data..

Replied: 9/8/2012 9:38:06 PM
I was expecting the extraction for Toyota cars but you can see the extraction has started for anymake and continues like that.  Can you kindly help me fix this.  Also I am not able to pass on the attributes for the forms submit.  In this case i should search for all listing for Toyota, Hilux Surf and extract the information as in the data file.  

Could you kindly let me know where i am erring.  Your help in this regards will be very much appreciated and will help me take up with my management for procruing the same for our day today work.  Also can you tell me whether this could used for automating windows based application e-catalogues.  We have extensive use if the same can be used to extract specific information from e-catalogues which are windows based applications.


Replied: 9/8/2012 9:06:58 PM
Please attach your project, so I can figure out exactly why the result is not correct.