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FSE Parking Reservation

Submitted: 10/31/2016

On the home page enter 2 dates into the Depart and Return fields.  The value in Depart should  be calculated as today's date + 7 days and formatted as dd/mm/yy.  Similarly, the value in Return should  be calculated as today + 14 days.  The calculation will have to handle month/year rollovers.  The value in the Depart time field should always be entered as 05:00 and in the Return time field 21:00.

Click Check prices and availability to submit form.

On the results page extract all car park names (eg:  Flying Scot (Edinburgh) ) and the associated cost 66.99 with no currency symbol.  Save data as Excel spreadsheet.

Replied: 11/1/2016 2:26:34 AM
Please check the attached demo project and sample data, you should put the rip project file in default projects folder, then run rip project in VWR editor.