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Submitted: 7/23/2013

This evaluation project consist in getting the description and specs for all laptops on the website.


    From navigate to "Laptops & Ultrabooks" through the following menu items: Products - Computer & Tablets - Laptops & Ultrabooks


      On the resulting page, click on "See all Brands" at the bottom of left sidebar


        On the resulting page, navigate to each laptop page found on all laptop list pages


          On each product page, capture the product description on top of the page. Ex: Dell Inspiron 15 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Pentium 2127U/ 500GB HDD/4GB RAM/ Windows 8)


            On the same page, click on the "Specifications" tab to capture the information (fields and values), including sub-category items such as Display (field with no value). See attached "specs.jpg".


              On the Specifications tab, follow the links on fields that include hyperlinks to capture the field description such as "Screen Size - The size of the screen in inches, which is measured diagonally from corner to corner". See attached "field description.jpg".

                field description.jpg

                Replied: 7/28/2013 6:05:13 PM
                Please check the attached new project.

                I've created new "detail" link template to link to each option , it will export data with each column like "desc1", "desc2" ... following the column of option name, if you don't want to be so, you have to use default exporting format with (name, value, desc) instead of the specific column to have option name.

                Replied: 7/25/2013 11:48:58 AM
                The following product is a good example:

                On the Specifications tab (see attached picture spec1.jpg), click on Screen Size and you will get the description that needs to be captured (see attached picture    ). The url is:

                Note: Not all product specifications have these hyperlinks.
                field description1.jpg

                Replied: 7/24/2013 5:21:29 PM
                I haven't seen the specs.jpg that you attached, can you please attach it again?

                then what specific URL exists the scenario?
                Replied: 7/23/2013 10:22:25 PM
                Please check the attached demo project.

                You need to place this project file in default projects folder, then run it in VWR.

                I don't seem to find the "screen size" like your screenshot, can you please clarify again?

                Replied: 7/24/2013 7:01:46 AM
                Hello, thank you for the fast turnaround.

                The "Screen Size" example is for some products, the spec table has fields (names) with hyperlinks providing a description of the field (name). See  names in blue on specs.jpg. If you click on one of the blue names, you get to "field description.jpg".

                I want to also capture these descriptions.

                Replied: 7/28/2013 12:36:05 PM
                I want the description of all product specifications that have these hyperlinks, not just for Screen Size.

                Currently the project only retrieves the Screen Size description.
                Replied: 7/25/2013 6:03:15 PM
                Please check the attached new project.

                I've added the "screen size" link template to capture the detail.