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Gather Daily Fragmentation Data from the Fragulator

Submitted: 5/14/2013

Hi there,

I have been tryng to think ofa good way to automatically gather data from the Fragulator ( this website calculates the number of trades in differnet markets for securities around the globe. It lets you enter a stock symbol (for example XIU.CCN) and a start and end date. It then returns a few graphics and a table. What I would really like is to be able to use a list of securities and dates and then get daily results (start date = end date) for each. I am not interested in the graphics I just want the table at the bottom of the page.

I am having rouble figuring htis one out myself , I am pretty sure it uses AJAX and an app to grab the data from the tables. The table data shouldn't be too hard to grab afterwards. If you inspect the element it is just a table (class=data) with levels which contain the row/column names and the data.

Is there some way to make a ripper that can be fed a list of symbols and dates and stores the table data in a .csv?




Replied: 5/15/2013 12:30:33 AM
See that attached demo project and screen shot.

The demo project has set up specific javascript actions with the form submit template, therefore, it can generate the resulting table correctly.

to detect the specific javascript actions, you can utilize the inspector tool in Chrome browser (see the screen shot attached).


Using an input data source (this will make sense how to feed multiple rows in form fields in the project)

Advanced javascript actions