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Captcha Submission and Page Navigation

Submitted: 9/5/2016
I am trying to extract data from a Yellow Pages website. The website is secured with captcha and captchas appear randomly while navigating the pages or opening the details page of a list. To solve the captcha i am trying the GSA captcha breaker which is solving the captchas with 87% accuracy. There are however two problems that are breaking the process

1. Even when the correctly solved captchas are submitted, the process stop without proceeding further and exit by exporting the current data (Max. 10 rows)

2. Irrespective of the captcha, the Next page navigation is not working as it is supposed to. After navigating the first page the project exits and exports the current data. I have tried both webcrawler and webbrowser modes but it persists

To solve the captcha, i have created two separate captcha templates; one that solves the page navigation captcha and other that solve the item details captcha. I don't know if this strategy is correct or not.

Kindly guide me in this regard.

VWR Debug.jpg

Replied: 9/6/2016 8:58:53 AM

I ran the project for a quite while (15 mins more), I don't see any captcha, and the page navigation template - 'NewPage' works fine for me.

by your screenshot, I'm guessing that the main problem is in the 'capSubmit' form submit template, after it has bypassed captcha, is it possible that result page hasn't been loaded corrently? therefore, you couldn't carry on next page.