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Submitted: 12/14/2015


When I open the webpage I want to extract I get this message:

Please enable JavaScript .

Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript on your browser, then try again.

How can I fix this? Java is enable.

Thank you

Replied: 12/16/2015 2:41:04 AM
That might be a problem, please you run VWR on native windows system, that will be best .
Replied: 12/15/2015 9:21:07 PM

I made those changes but sitll getting the same problem.

I am running windows on a mac. Do you tinkt that could be a problem too?

Replied: 12/15/2015 1:41:16 AM

I'm guessing that you might take a look at Internet options in your IE browser, where you look for the security level option where should be exsiting javascript sub-option, you make sure that you enabled it.