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ExportData.GetPrimaryTable() is missing in latest version

Submitted: 3/9/2017

Hi, I am using VWR to extract data from some sites.

I wrote a C# program that uses the VWR libraries to automate the process,

I updated my VWR license and DLLs but now my program broke.

The new version of the VWR DLLs don't have the ExportData.GetPrimaryTable()  method anymore.

What is the proper way to achieve the same results with the new DLLs?

My logc was doing the following:

var table1 = args.ExportData.GetPrimaryTable();
foreach (WrExportDataRow item in table1)

   // read the WrExportDataRow row here

I just need to know how to perform these steps using the new libraries.


Replied: 3/13/2017 11:26:58 AM


It seems that function must be the old verion of VWR.

You can do alternative instead,

WrExportTableReader reader = args.ExportData.GetPrimaryTableReader();

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Replied: 3/10/2017 12:40:26 PM


We already submit your request to the development team.

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