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Submitted: 12/4/2012

Hello Support,

I am looking for web data exraction software for one of the project which is given on below link.

Once you open link we need data from right link which is "CCA Search" which will open a form page, just click on Search without changing anything which will open data table which has numbers 1 to 10 each number having links.

Once we click on any number it will open the detailed data and we need that data to be in csv format which should be formatted like attached one.

The issue currently i am running with is When i click Search it doesn't search but when i do it in my browser it works, and if it opens i don't know how to capture some of the data because if you open first three numbers you will see in some fields they have sub fields (check attached csv to see how i managed manually for field 3 and 4)

Is this possible? THis is very urgent project so earlier response will be appreciated.

Manoj Soni


Replied: 12/4/2012 9:53:13 PM

See the attached demo project.

After clicking on 'Search' button, the next page will fire onload event for <BODY>, then redirect to default.aspx, to simulate this action, I set up 'Refresh after page load' = True for 'Search' form submit template in Advanced tab > Action section, therefore, you can get the results correctly.

I'm not quite sure what you said this:


if you open first three numbers you will see in some fields they have sub fields (check attached csv to see how i managed manually for field 3 and 4)


if you can give screen-shot to point out what you wanted, that would be fine. in this demo project, I haven't added more elements, but you can refer to current ones to add them by yourself, more elements can be created via 'Using filters' technique:


Replied: 12/5/2012 9:43:00 PM

See the attached new project and sample data .

I'm unable to find some fields from the sample pages or other pages which's like you listed in csv file, such as "His Indivi Name/Position", "His Reg Office" ..etc., unless you can further tell me where they are .

We don't support a live training to teach you how to design templates, you can read our online manual where has plenty of examples and detailed concepts about VWR.


Quick start

Data extraction concepts

Data extraction examples

Replied: 12/5/2012 11:22:14 PM

I'm sorry, We never provide live training support.

Most of sites are simple without using advanced configs in project, the visual designer is very closed to what you do in IE browser, please you read 'Quick start' and understanding some basic concepts, then check in some example projects, it shouldn't be difficult to learn how to use VWR.

Replied: 12/6/2012 5:22:10 PM

It's working for me, I tested on IE v8 and IE v9, the both works fine.

Have you tried to run the project?

What version of IE browser are you using? In case VWR is only able to work with IE v8 or higher version.

Replied: 12/5/2012 8:39:36 AM
I checked the sample file but I need to have detailed page, let me go through the process also screen shot and sample data csv attached (the kind of result i need)

1. Open the link
2. Click on "CCA Search" which will get you to the form
3. Click on "Search" without changing Anything
4. Now we are on Search Result page which shows Tabular Data
5. Each Row Data has link on Lic No on first column which shows 0000001, 0000002 and so forth, click on any Lic Number. i.e. 0000001
6. Now we are on detailed page of that particular Number and we need this detailed data in Excel format. I have manually created CSV for Lic No 0000003 and 0000004 which is attached as csv format and the screen shot of both data also attached.

Can we do like that or similar to that so by minimal manual work we reach to similar result?

Also if similar to his result possible, after buying software can we arrange small training session on how did you get to that result? can you do me favor and send me one more result?

Need earliest response as project is turning urgent.

THanks in advance
Manoj SOni


Replied: 12/5/2012 11:09:55 PM
its good, csv is much better

psl set up live training support., which time is suitable, please reply as soon as possible, for me it is at between 8:00pm to 10:00 pm indian standard time, 

please tell me procidure and if possible set training today. 
Replied: 12/6/2012 7:08:03 AM

Thanks for your continuous Help, I was trying to use the software myself today and the problem I am running across is, once I click on CCA Search and Click "Search" on Form page, It keeps on showing "Loading....." on blue and would not load the data, but when i access through my browser it loads the data.

I tried restarting the software 3-4 times but it wouldn't help. What could be the reason and solution?

Manoj Soni