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Select Multiple Categories

Submitted: 2/3/2016

I have created below link ripper file.

Link :

I want to select below 3 categories from one listbox to another by first select the category and clicking on arrow(-->) button.

-Hanketeade (Võrgustik)
-Dünaamilise hankesüsteemi lihtsustatud hanketeade

Can you please suggest us, How can we select the particular category and  click on arrow(-->) button?

So, that selected categories are appear in second listbox and remove from first listbox.

Replied: 2/9/2016 3:01:28 AM

Hello Mahesh.

I have checked the project which Simon built. However, I could see the result from run mode.

I am wondering what version of VWR you are using? Please update the VWR to the latest version then please check the attached project file.

Best Regards:


Replied: 2/4/2016 4:01:12 AM

‘CN’ element should be with  'Form submit' type , and you need to set 'Select multiple values' in advanced tab > form field section, then binding a 'auto-submit' form submit template to select those 3 options at once, afterwards, you put a link template to realize the moving the 3 options from first list box to 2nd list box.

See the attached new project.

Replied: 2/8/2016 11:16:17 AM

Thanks for suggestion.
At design time it's working fine.
But, at run time categories are not selected.

How can i slove this problem?