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Manually selecting the exact area for scraping

Submitted: 7/21/2016
The Ripper sometimes scrapes wrong area (not selected one). I saw that I can define page area by XPath, but I do not know what to put there.
I am sending you the project. Can you please check Property Facilities Template and hp_facilities_box
We need to define that area, because the Ripper does not Scrape it in mot cases.

This is the page:

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Replied: 7/22/2016 6:47:52 AM

The project lacks of input csv: "Unable to access input data source. The input data source will become disabled. Error message: CSV file does not exist: C:\Users\Simon\Documents\Visual Web Ripper\Projects\HotelURLs.csv "

However , I followed your template then open 'Facilities' link template, there is only one element called hp_facilities_box, I'm guessing that the 'facilities' area could be positioned differently in other start pages, in case you need to revise the xpath as manually, if you open tree view tool, you will find the common xpath for that area:

//DIV[@id='hp_facilities_box'][@class='facilitiesChecklist ']

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