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0x1 error schedule windows 10

Submitted: 11/22/2017

I have had my bot working for weeks. Now for some reason many have 0x1 error in windows. Is this sql related?. I have plenty of ram and drivespace. If i duplicate and rename the bot. works again fine!.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Replied: 12/5/2017 2:50:49 PM
deserialized input?
Replied: 11/25/2017 5:08:05 AM

Hi Brian,

Have you tried to look at the log file of the agent when it failed to run? 

Replied: 12/7/2017 2:21:47 AM

Hi Brian,

You can go to your Documents > Visual Web Ripper > Log and check the log file of your agent.

Can you attached your agent here so I can replicate the problem on my side?

Best regards,