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Dynamic upload detailpage

Submitted: 11/14/2017
Hello @ all,

I would like capture content from the website. The problem is, that the detailpage show all content only past scrolling down. Otherwise you see only 21 products (not all the 211 possible).

What I have to define in the template "LP" to capture all 211 products? If I define the list it shows me all 211 products. If I save the template stay only the 21 first which are shown on the detail page. I donĀ“t know which list action i have to define.

Thanks a lot for help.

Greetings Olaf

Replied: 11/20/2017 2:16:37 AM

Hi Olaf,

I already answered it in your another ticket,

Also, your agent still has an error when I try to download it. Can you re-upload it again?