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Submitted: 1/27/2016


I`m facing to a problem, and I can`t use visualwebripper to solve this problem besides decaptcha.

The captcha will pop up after I load a url for several times.

for example:

I want to know whether there are some solutions to solve this problem besides decaptcha. When I use browser to load this url,

the captcha also pop up, but if I fresh my page after pop up appear, the captcha will disappear.

But When I use visualwebripper editor, the captcha won`t disappear.

Replied: 1/28/2016 3:27:02 AM

I've tried to load the url in IE browser (even Chrome browser) for many times, I'm unable to see where to popup captcha.

If the captcha popup persists in VWR editor, like you figured out when you referesh the page url then it disappears, you might try to set 'Refresh after page load' = true in advanced tab > action section for the link template who does open the page url.

if the issue still persists, you should make optional decaptcha template attempting to resolve the captcha.