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yell uk demo project

Submitted: 5/29/2012

1. Enter in "I'm looking for" = accountants "in" = romford "search"

when those results are displayed, then

Data to be extracted:

1. Company Name
2. Tel
3. Address
4. Website address (can the software then go to that website and then search that site for any email address that reside within that site).

then i will export it to an excel file.

i lookforward to the results and then purchasing the software and recommending it.



Replied: 5/30/2012 12:29:49 AM
Please check the attached project and sample data as you needed.
Unfortunately, for each detail website, there is no unified approach to analyse email in different format page, however, the email element used content transformation technique to parse the email in first detail site page, hope it gives you a guide..

Content transformation