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Submitted: 2/14/2013

Website is navigated by clicking the catagories

Example: Gaming. Console Gaming, Xbox 360 Games,

Then list of titles is shown withing that catagorie

Extracting the following data for each product


Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (18)

Xbox 360 Games

We sell for : £38.00
We buy for : £28.00
Give exchange : £30.00

Following Details to be extracted
Barcode / Product ID
Product Description
Selling Price
Buying Cash Price
Tradein Price

I only require  XBOX 360 as I can then use this to learn visual web ripper and add teh additional catagories for scraping and then do the US, IE, AU sites

Replied: 2/14/2013 10:43:37 PM
Please check the attached demo project.

the project can be running under Web Crawler agent.

with the 'category' link template, 

currently, it only selects the category by the XPath,

//LI/UL/LI/A[.='Xbox 360 Games']

you only need to change the XPath to select all categories as follow:



The Selection XPath

Data Extraction Agents