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The topic below is from the Visual Web Ripper manual.

Handling Website Logins

Visual Web Ripper can process website login forms as it handles any other web forms. Follow these three steps to configure a data extraction project to log into a website:

  1. Add a FormSubmit template that selects the Login button.
  2. Add a FormField content element that selects the Username form field. Enter the username in the Capture Window.
  3. Add a FormField content element that selects the Password form field. Enter the password in the Capture Window.



Basic Windows Authentication

A few websites use basic Windows authentication, and they will display a Windows login box. Internet Explorer no longer allows you to embed authentication directly in the URL like this:

Visual Web Ripper allows you to set the username and password for basic Windows authentication on the Advanced tab in Project options.

You must set the project option Modify default web browser behavior in order for Windows authentication to work.

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