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The topic below is from the Visual Web Ripper manual.

Running a Project

After you have designed a data extraction project, you need to run it in order to extract data. You can run a data extraction project in many different ways:

  • Open the project in Visual Web Ripper and click the Run Project toolbar button.
  • Schedule the project using the Visual Web Ripper scheduler.
  • Run the project using the RunProject.exe command-line tool.
  • Use the API to load and run a project.

Running a Project From the Project Editor

While you are designing a data extraction project, you can use the Run Project toolbar button to run the project from within Visual Web Ripper.

This is an easy way to run and debug the project, since it lets you view the web browser while data is being extracted and it also lets you access the debug window, where you can view detailed information about the data extraction process.


Run Project Options

Default data extractor 

  • WebBrowser: The web browser agent uses a local Internet Explorer control to extract data from a website. This data collector views a webpage as it is displayed in the visual editor, so it is usually very accurate. It loads and executes JavaScripts and also handles AJAX.
  • WebCrawler: The web crawler agent is very fast, but it does not load JavaScript and does not handle AJAX. If a webpage contains invalid HTML syntax, then it may view a webpage differently from how it is displayed in the visual editor. You can turn on WebCrawler mode in the visual editor to see how the web crawler collector views a webpage.
  • InternetExplorer. The Internet Explorer agent is similar to the web browser agent, but it uses a true instance of Internet Explorer to extract data from a website.

View web browser 

Displays a web browser while data is being extracted, so you can follow how the agent navigates through a website. Extracted data is marked in the web browser.


Turns on debugging and gives you access to the debug window.

Debug level 

Specifies how detailed information should be when displayed in the debug window.

Pause data extraction 

Pauses processing when a certain condition is true.


You can click the Pause button at any time to pause the processing. After pausing, you must click the Continue button to continue processing.

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