Software Manual - Data Extraction Software

The topic below is from the Visual Web Ripper manual.


Please make sure your system meets these requirements before installing Visual Web Ripper:

  • Windows 2008R2/2012/2012R2/7/8 (Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista are no longer supported, but will work for most target websites)
  • .NET v4.
  • Internet Explorer v9 or later (Internet Explorer v8 is no longer supported, but will work for most target websites).

Script debugging is turned off by default in Internet Explorer. Please follow these steps to turn off script debugging if it's turned on in Internet Explorer on your computer.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Open the menu Tools->Internet Options.
  3. Find the option Disable script debugging and make sure it is checked.

Visual Web Ripper does not support some specialized proxy configurations. These configurations are often used in highly protected internal networks with restricted access to the Internet.

Running Visual Web Ripper on a Mac

Visual Web Ripper cannot run on the native Mac operating system. However, you can use software programs to run Windows on a Mac and then use Visual Web Ripper. Here is one good option: 

This and other software programs may have problems loading Visual Web Ripper projects, resulting in an error message such as:

Unable to load project \\.psf\Home\Documents...

Visual Web Ripper does not recognize this kind of file path. To avoid this problem, do not save your projects in the default location. Instead, save them in a folder on your C drive. 

Running Visual Web Ripper an Amazon EC2 Cloud

Please contact us through the Visual Web Ripper Support Center if you need to run Visual Web Ripper on Amazon EC2. You will need to run a script after installing the software on EC2, but before you activate the software. We will provide you with the script and instructions once you have contacted us.

Please notice that you cannot run the Visual Web Ripper trial version on Amazon EC2.