Software Manual - Data Extraction Software

The topic below is from the Visual Web Ripper manual.

Start URLs

The start URL of a data extraction project points to the webpage where the project will navigate when it starts. The start URL must be a direct URL and cannot contain any session information. For example, you cannot log into a website, navigate to a webpage and then use the URL of this webpage as the start URL. In this scenario, you would have to use the URL of the login webpage as the start URL and then add templates to your project in order to navigate to the webpage where you want to begin extracting data.

The root template of a project contains information about the start URL. Visual Web Ripper navigates to the start URL when it opens the root template. The root template is created automatically when you create a new data extraction project. When the root template is open, you can use the address bar to enter the start URL.

If the root template is open, you can also navigate to the start URL by turning on manual navigation in the Visual Web Ripper web browser. Turn on manual navigation by clicking the Navigate in Browser toolbar button.

Multiple Start URLs

A data extraction project can have multiple start URLs. You can enter a static list of start URLs or feed the start URLs from an input data source, such as a CSV file or a database.