Small Projects

Our Small Projects service is for small or uncomplicated web scraping projects that can be communicated and managed exclusively through our Support Centre. Should you have detailed requirements or complex projects that require discussion, input and or problem resolutions, then please refer to our
Consulting Services team.

Small Projects Overview

The Visual Web Ripper application (full size)

All Small Projects are managed exclusively through our Support Centre. We can give you a fixed quote on your web scraping project and we will provide you with a sample data extract before you pay for the project.

This service is suited to web scraping projects that are relatively simple to articulate and don’t require interaction outside our Support Database. The approach helps ensure we can keep the prices down.

  • From US$300/project (please contact us for a quote).
  • One week warranty period where you can request free minor corrections to your project.
  • You contact us with your requirements and when we have created a web harvesting project, we send you a sample data extract. If you are satisfied with the sample extract, we request payment and then deliver the project to you.
  • We can create custom post-processors and other components that require the use of the Visual Web Ripper API, but at an additional cost.
  • We can create most web harvesting projects for US$300, but some professional projects are more complex and will therefore be more expensive, so please contact us for a quote.

Request a quote

You must install the Visual Web Ripper software before you can request a quote. You can simply install the trial version of the software, so you don't need to purchase the software before requesting a quote.

After you have installed the Visual Web Ripper software, you can request a quote directly from within the software by selecting the menu Help -> Request Project Quote