Reseller Program

The reseller program is intended for Visual Web Ripper service providers, and regional software resellers.
Resellers earn up to 40% commission depending on sales volume. No commission is earned on the first sale. Resellers must buy licenses from us and then resell the licenses to the end-user. The reseller must collect payment from the end-user and handle refunds and credit card chargebacks.

Reseller's contact details will be displayed on our public website once reseller has purchased at least one Visual Web Ripper license. Reseller can list additional services, such as training, project development and programming services.

Notice: Reseller must provide a public phone number and email address for sales inquiries in order to resell Visual Web Ripper.

How to get started

Follow these steps to sign up to our reseller program.

1 Create a new user account.
2 Click the button Reseller Program and accept the reseller agreement.
3 You can now start reselling the licenses you buy from us.

Program summary

  • Both Sequentum and reseller can terminate the reseller agreement at any time without reason.
  • Reseller must buy Visual Web Ripper licenses at the standard list price, and reseller will get the same volume discount as any other customer. Reseller earns commission by buying multiple licenses with volume discount, and then reselling each license at the full price for a single license.
  • Reseller is not allowed to advertise a price below the list price for a Visual Web Ripper single user license. The list price is the price displayed on the Visual Web Ripper public website.
  • When reseller sells a Visual Web Ripper license, the transaction is between reseller and the reseller's customer. We will never refund an end-user customer for a payment made to a reseller, but we may refund the reseller according to our normal refund policy displayed on our public website.