Use Cases

Find out why Visual Web Ripper has been held in such high regard as a web scraping tool of choice for individuals and corporations since 2009!

Use Cases

Visual Web Ripper plays an important role for many business around the world. We have selected one example below where a company uses Visual Web Ripper as a key tool to collect content for their website.

IT Avenue

IT Avenue runs an IT collaboration web site linking to content on different IT web sites. They wanted a section on their web site showing the best prices for the most popular IT products.

They used data from two different web sites to build this section. One web site contained the most popular IT products and another web site could search for the best prices for a particular product.

Here is how they have set up Visual Web Ripper to achieve their goal.

  • They have designed a Visual Web Ripper project to extract the product catalog with the most popular IT products from the first web site.
  • They use the Visual Web Ripper scheduler to run this project every night, so the extracted data is always up-to-date.
  • They have designed another Visual Web Ripper project that submits a product name to the 2nd web site to retrieve the best prices for the product.
  • They have built a custom post-processing module that uses the Visual Web Ripper API to run the 2nd project for each product they have collected.
  • The custom post-processing module then takes all the product properties and the best prices for each product and saves them in the data structures belonging to the IT Avenue web site.
  • The custom post-processing module is automatically triggered when the scheduler has finished running the first project, so the whole process completes without any manual steps being required.
They have now also extended the solution with information from a 3rd web site.