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Find out why Visual Web Ripper has been held in such high regard as a web scraping tool of choice for individuals and corporations since 2009!

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Visual Web Ripper is a powerful web page scraper used to easily extract website data, such as product catalogs, classifieds, financial web sites or any other web site that contains information you may be interested in.

Our web page scraper harvests content from targeted web sites automatically and delivers the content as structured data in databases, spreadsheets, CSV files or as XML.

Our web page scraper can extract website data from highly dynamic websites where most other extraction tools would fail. It can process AJAX enabled websites, repeatedly submit forms for all possible input values, and much much more. See the full feature list here:

Visual Web Ripper feature list.

Why use Visual Web Ripper

Manual content extraction from web sites can be very time consuming and is often not feasible at all if you want to extract complete content structures such as product catalogs. Our web scraping software makes this process very easy and fully automated.

Visual Web Ripper runs as a Windows service that can extract website data on a scheduled basis, so your collected content will always be up-to-date. For example, you could extract currency rates from a website on a daily basis and always have up-to-date currency rates in your database.

The comprehensive feature set of our web scraping software makes it easy to create advanced solutions. Let's say you already have a product catalog in your database, but need some extra information, such as product reviews or vendor descriptions, then you can use our web scraping software to extract information for each product you have in your database.


Visual Web Ripper is very easy to use because of the Visual Designer that allows users to extract website data by simply clicking on the content elements they want to extract. The Visual Designer, data collector and scheduler combine into a very powerful ready-to-use application, but you can take things a step further and obtain complete control of the application by using the programming API.

If you have .NET programming skills you can bring the full power of our web page scraper straight into your own applications. The Visual Web Ripper programming interface provides full access to every single feature in Visual Web Ripper, so you can create and modify projects, or run a project and access collected data directly before it is even saved to an external data source.

How does Visual Web Ripper Compare to Other Tools?

We believe Visual Web Ripper offers the best value for money of all web scraping tools we have seen. Visual Web Ripper can extract data from websites where most other tools fail, even tools much more expensive then ours.

If you would like to know what other people think about our software, please read these extensive and independent reviews and comparisons of all the most popular web scraping tools.

Highlighted features
  • Very user friendly visual project designer.
  • Extract complete data structures, such as product catalogs.
  • Repeatedly submit forms for all possible input values.
  • Extract data from highly dynamic websites including AJAX web sites.
  • Harvest data undetected.
  • Save data to CSV, Excel, XML and Databases.
  • Web data extraction scheduler with email notifications and logging.
  • Command-line processing and comprehensive API.
Learn the basics

These documents are extracts from the Visual Web Ripper manual. You will get full access to the web scraping manual when you install Visual Web Ripper.